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Windows problems

After changing to MS WinXP again, I noticed some things I’ve never noticed, especially on a fresh install: the system (but not the mouse) hangs for a second sometimes. Very annoying. I reinstalled my chipset (and other) drivers, but the problem persisted. When I tried to write a CD when listening to music, the scanner started to use resources, made the music to stop for seconds and caused the waste of 2 CD’s.

Then I thought about the ‘new’ McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Version 8.5i I installed some days ago. Apparently there are other persons with my problem too. I uninstalled the thing and installed my trusted McAfee Virusscan v8.0i.

Today I had to fix Bianca’s computer too: she couldn’t access the internet no more, and her standby button was lost.

  • First problem: wireless connections seemed to work, but PING didn’t work properly:
    PING: transmit failed, error code 65.

    Ok well. Luckily I could access another PC very quickly, so I googled a little it: ZoneLabs/ZoneAlarm! Apparently, this crappy software had already been installed for ages (well, months/years) and suddenly, out of nowhere, errors appeared. After uninstalling ZoneAlarm, problems were gone.

  • Next: on Windows XP, the standby button (should appear when turning off the computer) was lost. I found out that her graphic card was not installed properly, and in fact: this solved the problem. The standby button appeared!

A happy Bianca again! 🙂


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