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LaCie F.A. Porsche edition 500GB disassembled

As I was looking for an external hard drive lately to replace my Packard Bell 400GB external disk (due to a power adaptor failure), I bought a LaCie F.A. Porsche edition today.
One of the reasons to choose for LaCie is that the power adaptor should be better than the ones that come with other external disks (which are often without branding).

Before I bought it it was unclear to me which hard disk was inside: some versions seem to include a Seagate, others a WD. All I knew is that I didn’t want a Maxtor or a Toshiba (do they still make disks?). So I went to the shop and decided to open it myself.

On the pictures on the internet, one could think that the whole box is in brushed aluminium. This is not true: only the front and the back side are brushed alu, and the bottom plate is alu as well. The box itself is plastic.

One of the problems was to open the box. As I read on the comments on this site, thin plastic should be used. That’s the way indeed, but still it took me a long time without damaging the box.
Turn your box upside down, take your VISA and stick it between the alu bottom plate and the plastic case. Try to feel where the clips are; however: these are not symmetric at both sides. On the long sides there are 4 clips and on the small side where the power adaptor should go, another clip can be found. This clip can be used to put some tension on the plate (using a screw driver) when one side has been released.

After the bottom plate has been removed, the SATA connector, the power connector and the 4 screws can be removed too. Still, the hard disk won’t open: 4 little irons have to be plied first. This is quite strange to me, but it is clearly the only way to remove the hard disk from its cage. Apparently, this version contains a Samsung HD501LJ SATA hard disk (500GB, 7200rpm, 16 MB cache)

There is a small USB cable included, which is very nice because a large one can be purchased and a small one is difficult to find.

Some pictures:

Hard Drive in LaCie cageSATA connectorsCage without hard diskThe Samsung hard disk


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